What’s between non-Jewish lawyers and Judges from Canada and the Israeli Jewish Way of Life?

The Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies will host a 5-day Law & Learn seminar including a group of 20 Jewish and non-Jewish lawyers and Judges from Canada, during the week of 14-18 November, 2016 in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Along Studies and field trips, they will meet Israel finest legal figures such as Supreme Court Elyakim Rubinstein, State Attorney Shay Nitzan, Ret. Supreme Court, Dalia Dorner, Prof. Gideon Sapir, Amb. Ephraim Halevy and more.

The mission is the initiative of Rabbi Jonathan Infeld of Beth Israel Congregation, Vancouver, British Columbia and one of his congregants, attorney Howard A. Mickelson, Q.C. A group of Jewish and non-Jewish lawyers meets regularly in Vancouver – in a Law and Learn program for lawyers that deal with contemporary issues in civil law, bringing in guest lecturers. A Jewish Law component is added to each session by Rabbi Infeld.

The initiative of bringing the group to Israel was Jonathans and Howards, who wished that the mission of lawyers will learn about the contemporary issues facing Israel as a democratic and Jewish state. Due to the Rabbi Infeld’s long-term connection to the Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem, Schechter was chosen to lead the mission and to encounter the participants with some of the most significant legal figures in Israel. The 5-day seminar will be dealing with “Maintaining Security, Rule of Law, Democracy and Our Jewish Way of Life” Study at Schechter with field trips.

Mission will confront two major topics

  • Twice Promised Land: The Legal, Historic and Moral Dimension of Jewish Sovereignty in the Land of Israel
  • The Religious/Secular Divide in Israel

Media is welcome to join the mission and interview the participants.

For further information, contact

Moriah Aharon at Moriah@schechter.ac.il, 050-8670051


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