TALI Principles

The TALI Education Fund (TEF) endows Israeli pupils with a Jewish, Zionist and democratic education taught in an open atmosphere, sensitive to the spirit of the times, and based on the cooperation between parents and educators. Our mission is to shape pupils that embrace both Jewish tradition and general culture and imbue pupils with the desire and tools to confront and deal with contemporary existential issues facing the Jewish people.

Jewish Education as a Top Priority

 TALI school’s place  Jewish education  at the center of the school’s experience and allocates its resources to that end.

Jewish Education in Study and Experience

Imparting knowledge, skills and promoting creativity, which will enable pupils to forge a rich, modern and personal Jewish identity; encouraging the experiential aspects of Judaism, for example, the Jewish festivals, prayers, Kabbalat Shabbat and acts of charity; confronting the question of the status, the vital importance and the methods of relating Judaism to a modern Israeli society.

Education Towards Humanistic Values

Development of a rational and moral approach towards Jewish and universal values which emphasize respect for fellow human beings, equality between the sexes and respect for different world cultures.


Education for active civic engagement based on tolerance and on the equal obligations and rights of all citizens, out of respect for the law.


Education focused on  knowledge of the Land of Israel and the Jewish people,  past and present, emanating from a sense of belonging and love,  emphasizing the centrality of the State of Israel in shaping the path of the Jewish people.

Pluralism and Solidarity

Education highlighting Jewish pluralism derived from recognizing the value of a multitude of opinions and way of life, both within Judaism and outside it; development of a sense of kinship, fraternity and partnership between all sectors of the nation and strengthening the mutual responsibility between the Jewish people in Israel and the Diaspora, its different religious streams and different ethnic communities.

Learning Community

Encounters with the classic sources of Jewish tradition encompassing all sectors of the school’s community, as reflected in the cooperation of all of its members in shaping the experiential aspects, the Jewish atmosphere and educational environment of the school.


Integration of all the varied sectors of the population into the TALI schools, out of an awareness of the importance of forging a unity through Jewish education.