God is in the Details Dr. Paul Mandel on Parshat Terumah

This week in Parshat Terumah Moses and the Israelites are given detailed instructions on how to construct the Tabernacle in the wilderness.   How do we make sense of this detailed blueprint: “Make five posts of acacia wood for the screen and overlay them with gold—their hooks being of gold—and cast for them five sockets of copper?” Dr. Paul Mandel, senior lecturer in Midrash at The Schechter Institute of Jewish Studiesoffers an intriguing explanation for the uses of different materials in the construction of the tabernacle and the special dividing curtain. Watch the video below:


Image Credit: TALI Virtual Midrash, Unknown artist North French Miscellany (Add. 11639 fol.522): Angels with the Ark of Covenant

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