Schechter Awards 65 M.A. Degrees

On May 29, 2018, 65 students walked the stage and received their M.A. degrees from the Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies.  Students concentrated in everything from chaplaincy and  Jewish Art to Talmud and Contemporary Jewish Studies.

Schechter, Masorti Olami Partnership Thrives in Ukraine

From May 8th through May 10th, Rabbi Prof. David Golinkin, President of The Schechter Institutes, was in Kiev together with Rabbi Mauricio Balter, Director General of Masorti Olami, and Gila Katz, long-time Director of Camp Ramah Yachad Ukraine and Pedagogic Supervisor of Midreshet Yerushalayim, Ukraine. They held three days of intensive meetings leading to better coordination of all our activities in Ukraine.

In Good Faith: New Book by Scott Shay

Congratulations to Scott Shay, longtime friend and supporter of TALI and Schechter, on the forthcoming publication of his new book, In Good Faith. This book explores the most common atheist critiques of the Bible and religion, incorporating Jewish, Christian, and Muslim voices. 

What a Day! State of Israel and the Jews of North America Conference in Honor of Israel’s 70th Anniversary a Resounding Success

Wow, what a day! So many ideas, so much interest, so many people! The conference devoted to the subject of relations between the State of Israel and North American Jewry dealt with a hot-button, current issue: why are there gaps in the education of children in the two largest centers of the Jewish people today? What is the demographic difference between the two centers and how does this affect religious, civil, political, social perceptions? Do diaspora Jews have the right to criticize Israel? If so, when? Does Israel need American Jews, or not? Most importantly, how can these gaps be bridged?

Dutch Delegation Visits and Studies at Schechter Joint Project with the University of Amsterdam, The Open University and the Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies

The Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies and the Open University will host Jewish Studies graduate students from the University of Amsterdam in Holland. The topic will be “Schism and Debate in Judaism through the Ages.” The program is part of a winter-term initiative of the Jewish Studies Department of the University of Amsterdam. It had its inaugural session last year. Twelve graduate students from the department of Jewish Studies at University of Amsterdam are taking part in partnership with students from the Open University and Schechter Rabbinical Seminary students. 

Spreading the Light, Fighting the Darkness

The Jewish community in Ukraine also lights Hanukkah candles in public locations. For the second year in a row, the Conservative/Masorti community has been celebrating the Holiday of Light by lighting candles on a large Hanukkiya placed in one of the main squares of Ukraine’s capital, Kontraktova Square in the historic district of Podyl. This year, the Hanukkiya was attacked by vandals who drew a swastika on it on the very first night of the holiday, splattered a red liquid resembling blood on the 6th night and took down the leaflets explaining the meaning and traditions of the holiday in the meantime.

Spread Hope: Dialogue and Identity

In a time of increased strife and violence throughout the world we must seek out source of peace and hope. TALI’s Dialogue and Identity program brings together students and teachers from Israeli Jewish and Christian Arab schools.