Touching Roots A Tu B’Shvat Exhibition at Neve Schechter

This year on Tu B’Shvat, Neve Schechter will host a very special exhibition. It will display photographs taken in the framework of project conducted in partnership with the Neve Tzedek Municipal High School. The project has been running for five years, and the exhibition opening for Tu B’Shvat will be the fifth one held at the Neve Schechter modern art gallery, a highly acclaimed Tel Aviv exhibition space.

Women’s Wisdom: Reflections and Video on the 19th Annual National Masorti Women’s Day of Study

On Friday, June 30th 350 women from around Israel gathered at Schechter for the 19th annual National Masorti Women’s Day of Study. A joint project of the Masorti Movement, the Women’s League for Conservative Judaism, and the Schechter Institute for Jewish Studies, rabbis and lay educators volunteer their time to provide engaging learning opportunities around the theme of “Women Birthing and Nurturing Our Nation: History, Society & The Arts”