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Jewish Law Watch, a bi-annual publication of the Center for Women in Jewish Law of the Schechter Institute, examines actual agunot cases that have languished for years in the rabbinical courts without resolution. 

Case Study Number 1
Case Study Number 2
Case Study Number 3
Case Study Number 4
Case Study Number 5
Case Study Number 6
Case Study Number 7

Acrobat Reader is needed to read these PDF files. This free software can be downloaded by clicking here.


In January 2000, the Center for Women in Jewish Law published its first case study on agunot in its bi-annual Jewish Law Watch, a journal which offers alternative opinions to those of the Orthodox rabbinic courts.


The goal of the Jewish Law Watch is to pressure the rabbinical courts to publish their decisions in a timely and organized fashion, much as civil court decisions are published, and to encourage rabbinical courts to use the halakhic tools which are at their disposal in order to free modern-day agunot.


Copies of Jewish Law Watch are available in English and Hebrew for $2.50 (10 NIS). To purchase, please email pr@schechter.ac.il



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