Understanding Jerusalem English Lectures plus walking tours in honor of the 50th anniversary of the unification of Jerusalem

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem, we are offering a special course in English.
The course will consist of 4 classroom lessons of 1 and 1/2 hours each plus 2 walking tours of about 3 hours each.

Wednesdays at 15:30 (Lessons until 17:00, Walking tours until approximately 18:30)

Lecturer: Marik Stern, researcher at the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies and founder of the “Al Hamakom” Facebook page (historic pictures of Jerusalem). Marik teaches Planning Policy and Israel Studies at Ben Gurion University and at the Open University.

The course will be held pending registration by a minimum of 15 participants.

26.4.17 Class 1: “The Temple Mount is in our Hands”
A historical, geographical and political look at the Temple Mount as a holy place: from the Foundation Stone (at the base of the Temple Mount), the Jewish Temple, Haram A-Sharif and Templum Domini to the modern age. We will learn about the Israeli victory in the Six Day War in Jerusalem and the formation of the political-religious arrangements on the Temple Mount/Al Aksa. We will discuss the role of the Temple Mount/Al Aksa in Israeli and Palestinian political and religious public discourse.

3.5.17 Class 2: Local Politics, from Teddy Kollek to Nir Barkat
We will explore the crisis points, challenges and central issues that have shaped Jerusalem’s public discourse and local politics since 1967 through to today. We will examine the civic and political trends that are unique to the city, the nature of the municipality, and trends that will impact upon the face of City Hall in the coming years.

10.5.17 Walking Tour 1: The Wars of the Jews
Since the late 1980s, the struggle over Jerusalem’s cultural-religious character, between the religious, haredi and secular populations, has become a central part of the public agenda, vis a vis allocation of resources and the city’s appearance. We will visit some haredi neighborhoods and the seam between religious and secular parts of the city. We will learn about the confrontations between these two and consider them in the context of social and economic trends in the city today.

17.5.17 Class 3: The Face of the City
How was united Jerusalem planned? Who determined the city’s borders and the sites of the new neighborhoods? What were the major challenges and issues faced by the city planners from 1967 till today? We will focus on city and peripheral planning of Jerusalem and its environs and on the role that citizens play in setting new urban attitudes.

24.5.17 Class 4: East Jerusalem
Starting in 1967, a new geographical-political entity was formed: East Jerusalem. We will learn about the economic and social development of Arab Jerusalem and Palestinian society since the unification, and review the central events that have shaped Jewish-Arab relations in the city. We will examine the impact of the joining of Arab to Jewish Jerusalem, the municipal and national policies regarding the region, the Palestinian response to those policies, and the ongoing demographic battle over the national identity of the city, all of which have impacted on the character of Jerusalem as it looks today.

7.6.17 Walking Tour 2: Post-Oslo Jerusalem
The political, economic and social development of Jerusalem since the Oslo accords and the first intifada: this will be a drive-and-walk tour, covering Gilo, East Talpiot, Mamilla-Safra Square, Sheikh Jarrah and French Hill.

Price: 550 NIS

Discounts: 490 NIS for Schechter students / early registration by April 6th

For information and registration:

074-7800-671 | penina@schechter.ac.il

Jerusalem Campus: Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies

4 Avraham Granot St.,Jerusalem,Israel, 9116002

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  1. Hi – This sounds like a very ineresting course. My question is if it includes transport from and to Tel Aviv?

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