The Rabbinical Seminary

At the Schechter Rabbinical Seminary’s (SRS) Beit Midrash, future Masorti rabbis, educators and activists for religious pluralism engage intensively in the study of Jewish sources. Women and men are offered the unique opportunity to learn in-depth, along with practical training in rabbinics, education and chaplaincy (“Marpeh” program). The goal is to build a young cadre of leaders who will inspire and impact upon Israeli society, and to present a committed Masorti Jewish voice for religious pluralism and tolerance. Moreover, the SRS aims to foster connections between future Masorti Diaspora leaders and young Israelis, thereby strengthening solidarity with Israel.

SRS Programs include:

  • The Mishlei Program combining religious studies (Talmud, Bible) in a classic Bet Midrash “hevruta” study mode with leadership training and an M.A. degree in Jewish studies;
  • The Ordination Track for outstanding Mishlei graduates seeking rabbinical ordination, and committed to professional, communal or educational leadership. The program includes seminars and workshops that focus on pastoral skills, education, organizational leadership, and the changing relationship between Israeli and Diaspora Jews. Internships are conducted with Masorti congregations, with focus on outreach programs to students, youth and young families in the community.
  • Torah Lishma program offering intensive study of Jewish sources in a Beit Midrash atmosphere with an open and questioning approach.
  • Liebhaber New Media program geared to the young generation, offers a new media platform of Jewish sources addressing issues involving pluralism and religious tolerance in Israel.

South American rabbinical students from the Seminario Rabinico study in Schechter’s one-year overseas Bet Midrash program, which provides the opportunity to meet Israeli peers while studying in Hebrew at a high-level. Students from JTS and other North American rabbinical seminaries also take courses at SRS during their study year in Israel.

Since 1988, the Schechter Rabbinical Seminary has ordained 94 Israeli rabbis, among them 24 women, who have taken their place as leaders in Israel and throughout the world. They are addressing needs as community leaders in Masorti congregations serving new immigrants and veteran Israelis, as spiritual educators in TALI schools, as advocates of women’s religious rights, and as role models of contemporary religious observance engaging with all sectors of Israeli society.

Once ordained, the Schechter Rabbinical Seminary continues to support Israeli Masorti rabbis through the Ta’aleh Program, providing continuing professional education and high-level learning aimed at improving the work of rabbis in the field.

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