The Genger Prize for Excellence in TALI Education Winner Announced!

Genger Prize for Excellence in TALI Education was awarded for 10th time on November 15th, 2018.

Genger family members, Schechter Institutes representatives, and TALI educators gathered at the Einan Auditorium in Modi’in for an emotional evening that celebrated the work of outstanding educators who promote pluralistic Jewish Education in Israel’s secular public school system.

The Prize was awarded to TALI Ofek School in Karmiel. In addition, four outstanding early childhood educators were honored: Iris Mizrachi from the TALI Ma’arav preschool in Eilat; Roxana Felman from TALI Nitzan preschool in Kibbutz Nir David; Aya Alkalai from TALI Arbel preschool in Beit Shemesh and Merav Levin from TALI Eshel preschool in Nes Tziona.

The Deborah and Shraga Genger Prize was established by Mr. Arie Genger and is awarded biannually to “promote, nurture, encourage and develop Jewish studies education conducted in the spirit of pluralism, to raise awareness of Jewish culture among students in the secular public school system, and to bridge the religious-secular divide in Israeli society.” 

Some pictures that captured great moments at the event.

Genger Prize

Genger Prize


Genger Prize

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