New Study Proposes that Evolution Can Help Solve World Terror

A new study undertaken at The Center for the Study of Bio-social Perspectives on Judaism of the Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies, Jerusalem proposes that mass shootings, world terror, anti-social psychopathic disorders, and other pathological phenomena are connected to globalization and rapid technological developments.

What’s between non-Jewish lawyers and Judges from Canada and the Israeli Jewish Way of Life?

The Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies will host a 5-day Law & Learn seminar including a group of 20 Jewish and non-Jewish lawyers and Judges from Canada, during the week of 14-18 November, 2016 in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Along Studies and field trips, they will meet Israel finest legal figures such as Supreme Court Elyakim Rubinstein, State Attorney Shay Nitzan, Ret. Supreme Court, Dalia Dorner, Prof. Gideon Sapir, Amb. Ephraim Halevy and more.

The Color of Judaism

Watch the video and donate to Schechter this New Year. Your support will make Schechter’s Judaism of COLOR a reality this year for over 60,000 Israeli children and adults.

Five New Rabbis Ordained

27th Schechter Rabbinical Seminary Ordination: Large Class of More Women than Men. Five newly ordained rabbis have joined the ranks of their Masorti/Conservative colleagues tonight in an exciting ceremony in Jerusalem where they were ordained as community and spiritual leaders for Israel.

How was this wedding different from all other Jewish weddings?

What do 135 Jewish children from all over Ukraine, 25 counselors and staff from Ukraine and Israel, 13 junior counselors from seven North American Ramah summer camps, a Ramah mission led by Rabbi Mitch Cohen, National Director of Ramah, and the heads of theSchechter Institutes in Jerusalem have in common? We all gathered together at Camp Ramah YachadUkrainelast week to celebrate the wedding of Lev and Yulia Kleiman.

50 MILLION Flags Keynote Address by Daniel Birnbaum

SodaStream’s CEO Daniel Birnbaum, a Schechter board member, was keynote speaker at this year’s Graduation Ceremony. In a rousing call to act, Birnbaum speaks out on the boycott, Israeli government inaction, BDS, 50 Million Flags of Zionism, and the Israeli citizen’s need to get involved. Read this inspiring speech from a true Zionist, businessman and believer in the Schechter mission.