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All Titles By Date

September 2010: Driving on Shabbat with a non Jewish driver

September 2010: A Jew buying non-kosher products

September 2010: Conservative view on Modesty

August 2010: Leviathan or Satan?

July 2010: Are Armenians considered Amalekites by Jews?

June 2010: Back to School

June 2010: Frustration

June 2010: Sex in Judaism

June 2010: Visiting Israel

June 2010: Conservative Judaism

June 2010: Halakhic Conversion

May 2010: Sex in Jewish Law

May 2010: Public transportation on Yom Tov

April 2010: Capital sins

April 2010: Jesus' parable “The blind leading the blind”

April 2010: Shidduch with a Cohen

April 2010: Teshukah

April 2010: Church services

April 2010: Conversion, mikvah ritual

March 2010: Bat Cohen

March 2010: Working on Shabbat

March 2010: What makes a Jew Jewish ?

February 2010: Praying at home

February 2010: Two sets of tefilin?

January 2010: Revelation and inspiration

January 2010: Prayer request from Iran

January 2010: Question regarding Jewish Status

December 2009: Who is a Cohen and Levi

December 2009: More baby naming issues

November 2009: Third Temple

November 2009: Italian Jews in Crisis

October 2009: Musical Instruments on Shabbat

October 2009: Should I marry him?

October 2009: Moslem Indian wishes to convert

September 2009: Contradictions in the Bible

September 2009: Why is "Barukh Shem…" said aloud on Yom Kippur?

August 2009: Confused about Circumcision

August 2009: Baptism

August 2009: Identification on Shabbat

August 2009: Carrying a Toddler on Shabbat

August 2009: Is it permitted to kill another Jew?

July 2009: Bugs in Asparagus

July 2009: Upsheren

July 2009: Baby Conversion

July 2009: Pregnant Woman Fasting

July 2009: Koshering New Toaster

July 2009: Name of God

May 2009: Cuthean

May 2009: Order of the Biblical books

May 2009: Koshering dishes for Passover

May 2009: Non Jew wearing a Kippa

May 2009: Making a Snowman on Shabbat

May 2009: Snow Man

May 2009: Bat Levi

May 2009: Driving on Shabbat and peace in the family

May 2009: Abraham and Sarah's tents

May 2009: Interfaith Prayer

April 2009: Kashrut in the Community

April 2009: Torah Etiquette at Bar Mitzvah

April 2009: Leather shoes on Yom Kippur

April 2009: Foreign workers

April 2009: Am I Jewish?

April 2009: College student and Halakha

April 2009: Identity problems

April 2009: Baby naming

April 2009: Circumcision of baby with gentile mother

April 2009: Vidui

April 2009: Torah Reading

April 2009: Unleavened cakes in 1 Sam 28

April 2009: Tallit case

April 2009: A non-Jew helping to use an elevator on Shabbat

April 2009: Shabbat Shabbaton

April 2009: Bat Kohen visiting cemetery

April 2009: Wedding during the counting of the Omer

April 2009: Reburial

April 2009: Mistaken Transaction

November 2008: Selling Torah Scrolls

April 2008: White Wine at the Seder Table

March 2008: Haggadah Questions

January 2008: Father Converting Child without Mother's Approval

January 2008: Can a Tallit Be Worn at Any Time?

November 2007: Non-Jew Falling in Love with a Jewish Girl

November 2007: Wanting to Convert in India in a Christian Family

October 2007: Barukh Shem Kvod. Aloud

October 2007: David's Fight with Goliath

October 2007: Catholic Student Living with Jewish Roommate

September 2007: Is it a sin to remain single?

September 2007: Blessing on the Atarah of a Tallit

August 2007: Sukkah S 'chach On Top Of Wood Beams

July 2007: Torah Reading, Hallel and Musaf on Rosh Hodesh Afternoon

July 2007: Can I Keep an Item That Was Sent to Me By Mistake?

July 2007: King Jeroboam and the Mask

July 2007: My Ancestors May Be Jewish, Should I Convert?

July 2007: Tombstone for Ten-Day-Old Baby

June 2007: Baby Naming - non Jewish Father

June 2007: Removal of Tattoos Before Burial

June 2007: Women Shaving and Mourning

June 2007: Kashering a Pareve Pot

June 2007: Unmarried Partners

June 2007: Putting Tefillin on in the Afternoon

June 2007: Non Leather Tefillin

June 2007: Reading Torah on Monday and Thursday During Minhah

June 2007: Reading Secular Books on Shabbat

June 2007: Bicycle Riding on Shabbat

June 2007: Services on Both Days of Rosh Hashanah

June 2007: Skateboard on Shabbat

June 2007: Torah Portion on Fast Days

May 2007: To Borrow a Tallit

May 2007: Acoustic Guitar on Shabbat

May 2007: Sheheyanu on the Second Night of a Festival

May 2007: Am I Jewish?

May 2007: Keeping Kosher in a non-Kosher Home

April 2007: Yoma

April 2007: Laws of Family Purity, Status of Seven "clean days"

April 2007: Abrogating Commitment to Jewish Law Temporarily

April 2007: Women's Participation at Kotel Bar Mitzvah

April 2007: Homosexuality and Jewish Law

April 2007: Honesty and Integrity as Jewish Values

April 2007: Must Convert Follow Ashkenazi or Sephardic Customs?

April 2007: Does Talmud Allow Halachah [Jewish law] to be Changed or Modified?

April 2007: Converting While Studying for a Graduate Degree in Israel

April 2007: Recanting on Conversions

April 2007: Difficulties and Doubts after Conversion

April 2007: Women Rabbis and Spiritual Leaders

April 2007: Tefillin, Questions About Removing Them

March 2007: Kosher for Pesach Coca Cola

March 2007: Non-kosher Dishwasher

March 2007: Engagement During the Counting of the Omer

March 2007: Signing a Ketubah in Advance

March 2007: Why is Chicken Not Parve?

March 2007: Regretting Conversion

March 2007: Validity of Conversion

March 2007: Baby Showers

March 2007: Firstborn

March 2007: Hand-knit Tallit

March 2007: Convert, Son of a Kohen

February 2007: Mourning Ritual

February 2007: An Eye for an Eye

February 2007: Tekhelet on Tallit

February 2007: Repetition of the Amidah

January 2007: Israel as the Chosen People of God

January 2007: Torah Reading on Yom Kippur

January 2007: Kashering for Pessah of Induction Stove Top

January 2007: Am I Jewish?

January 2007: Life Saving Under Rockets Attack

January 2007: Forty Days and Forty Nights (Exodus Chap. 24)

December 2006: Prayer for Animals Used in Laboratory Research

December 2006: Agunah - Halakahic Solutions

December 2006: Inhumane Kosher Slaughter

December 2006: Teen Who Wants to Convert

December 2006: Ahalot, Shemen Sasson

December 2006: Marriage of a Kohen to a Woman Who had a non Jewish Partner

December 2006: Visiting a Cemetery

December 2006: Ezekiel 34

December 2006: Visiting a Cemetery

November 2006: Standing or Sitting While Reading the Shema

November 2006: Marriage When the Groom is Agun (not divorced from his former wife)

November 2006: Good Reasons for Conversion

November 2006: Christian Interpretation of Isaiah 56:4-5

November 2006: Rashi's Daughters

November 2006: Non-kosher Chicken

November 2006: Marriage When the Groom is Agun (not divorced from his former wife)

October 2006: Conversion in Denmark Follow-up

October 2006: Jewish Interpretation of Isaiah 53

October 2006: Reform Conversion and Emigration to Israel

October 2006: Conversion When Spouse Does Not Convert

October 2006: Yehoshua ben Yehotsadak

October 2006: Masorti Noahides

October 2006: Conversion in Denmark

October 2006: Cooking Chicken Livers

October 2006: Leaving the Sanctuary for Yizkor

October 2006: Conversion of Minor

October 2006: Eating in the Sukkah on Shmini Atzeret/Simhat Torah

October 2006: Wrong Torah Follow-up

October 2006: Playing Musical Instruments on Shabbat

October 2006: Microwaves for Heating Food on Shabbat

September 2006: Neilah Repetition - Obligation to Stand

September 2006: Drinking Water During Services

September 2006: Selihot in the Conservative Movement

September 2006: Netilat Lulav when Sukkot is on Shabbat

September 2006: Immersion when Stitches are Still Present

September 2006: Melchi Zedek

September 2006: Civil Marriage - Impediment to Huppah and Kiddushin?

September 2006: Joint Aliyot

September 2006: Moshe Rabenu Other names and the Name of the Meshiah

September 2006: Kosher Animals

September 2006: High Holiday Amidah

September 2006: Baby Naming Ceremony - Gifts

September 2006: The Meaning and Obligation of the Kippah

August 2006: Modesty at Outdoor Conversion Ceremonies

August 2006: The Soul and Bar Mitzvah

August 2006: Mourning on Three Weeks

August 2006: Triennial Cycle Reading on Weekdays

August 2006: Newspaper Subscription and Shabbat Delivery

August 2006: Elevator and Electronic Key Card on Shabbat

July 2006: Kol Ishah

July 2006: Upsherin [cutting a child's hair at age three]

July 2006: Musical Instruments in the Synagogue II

July 2006: Fasting on Tisha Be'av

July 2006: Tzni'ut (Modesty) II

July 2006: Circumcision - Pidion Haben

July 2006: Embarrassing Question

July 2006: More than One Service Leader for Educational Purposes

July 2006: Bath Tub as Mikvah

July 2006: Addition at the end of Kaddish

July 2006: Mourning Adoptive Parents and Natural, yet Abusive Parents

July 2006: Attending Wedding of a Jew to a non-Jew

June 2006: Shiv'ah for Step Siblings

June 2006: Aliyot for Kohen and Levi

April 2006: Vocal Music on Shabbat

April 2006: Non Jewish Surrogate Mother and Status of Child

March 2006: Return

March 2006: Birth Control

March 2006: Divulging Unethical Behavior

March 2006: Cat Spaying

March 2006: Hair Covering for Married Women

March 2006: Forty as a Special Number

March 2006: Material for Tallit

March 2006: Post-Conversion Difficulties and Doubts

March 2006: Family Name

March 2006: Divorced Cohen Marrying a Convert

March 2006: Tefilin and Menstruation

February 2006: Second Day of Holidays (Yom Tov Sheini shel Galuyot)

February 2006: Pessah on Erev Shabbat

February 2006: Interfaith

February 2006: Transplanting Parts of Forbidden Animals

February 2006: Eating a Medium Rare Steak

February 2006: Bowing at a Photograph

February 2006: Eating Only Specific Kind of Meat

February 2006: Conversion and Marrying a Cohen

February 2006: Minyan of Nine Adults and a Child with a Humash

January 2006: Yehoyariv in Taanit 29a

January 2006: Sexual Fantasies, Masturbation

January 2006: Impurity (women, childbirth, menstruation)

January 2006: Biblical Criticism and Halakha

January 2006: Hebrew Name of Convert II

January 2006: Qualifications of a Shaliah Tsibur

January 2006: Prayer Times - Impossibility of Praying on Time

January 2006: Machpelah Cave (Me'arat Hamachpelah

January 2006: Prayers for Sustenance and Health

January 2006: Women and Tefillin

January 2006: Getting to Shul on Shabbat

January 2006: Mother's Qualities in Jewish Sources

December 2005: Dancing on Shabbat

December 2005: Question Regarding the Maccabees

December 2005: Tekhelet

December 2005: Imahot

November 2005: Genesis 18:8: Milk and Meat at the Same Meal?

November 2005: Conversion or Return

November 2005: Beit Din for Conversion

November 2005: Morning Blessings

October 2005: Non-Jewish Places of Worship and Ceremonies

October 2005: Prospective Convert Wearing Tallit in Synagogue

October 2005: Non-Jew Wearing Tallit in Synagogue

October 2005: Where Shofarot Come From

October 2005: Prospective Convert Wearing Tallit in Synagogue

October 2005: Wedding Preparations

October 2005: Hebrew Name of Convert

October 2005: Four Species (Arba Minim)

October 2005: Police Work on Shabbat

September 2005: Sukkah on a Balcony

September 2005: Microphone for the High Holidays

September 2005: Lights on Shabbat

September 2005: Yayin Nesech

September 2005: Untithed Food

September 2005: Conversion and Mikveh

August 2005: Conversion Process

August 2005: The Need for Conversion

August 2005: Cohen and Divorce

August 2005: Giyur Ulpan

August 2005: Messianic Jews 2

August 2005: Swimming Pool as a Mikveh

August 2005: Messianic Jews 1

August 2005: Shaving During the Three Weeks

July 2005: Ritual Purity

July 2005: Conservative Responsa

July 2005: Rosh Hodesh Services

July 2005: Accepting Shabbat or the Holidays Early

July 2005: Mixed Seating in the Synagogue

July 2005: Keeping a Business Open on Shabbat and the Holidays

July 2005: Passover/Shabbat

July 2005: Ratifying a Conversion

July 2005: Conversion of a Minor through Conservative Rabbinic Court II

July 2005: Conversion of a Minor through Conservative Rabbinic Court

July 2005: Race and Conversion to Judaism II

July 2005: "Kashering" [making kosher] a Cast Iron Skillet

July 2005: Whistleblowing

June 2005: Modern Orthodox Conversion

June 2005: Converted Woman Wanting to Become a Rabbi

June 2005: Symbol Associated with Jewish Law

June 2005: Conversion: a Painful Story

June 2005: Tallit Katan

June 2005: Exodus

June 2005: Why Can I Not Marry a Cohen?

May 2005: Kashrut in an Interfaith Home

May 2005: Race and Conversion to Judaism

May 2005: Gender of Transsexual Person

May 2005: Conversion in Israel

May 2005: Afterlife

May 2005: Ten Commandments

May 2005: Conversion Confusion

May 2005: Ritual Observance and Family Unity

May 2005: Burying Tefillin [Phylacteries] in the Casket

May 2005: Ethics of Animal Experimentation in Medicine

May 2005: Jubilee

May 2005: Shaharit Prayers for Women

May 2005: Rabbi Driving on Shabbat

April 2005: Matzah Ashirah [Enriched Matzah]

April 2005: Tehillim [Psalms] and Pesukei Dezimra [Opening section of the morning prayer]

April 2005: Seaweed

April 2005: Graven Images

April 2005: Joshua 5: 13-15

April 2005: Megillat Esther

April 2005: The Ark of the Covenant in Times of Jesus

April 2005: Prospective Converts Who Would Probably Transgress a Certain Law

April 2005: Greeting to Mourners

April 2005: Halakhic Prohibition Against Instrumental Music in the Synagogue

April 2005: Tzni'ut (Modesty)

March 2005: Kashrut of Cheese and Gelatin

March 2005: Parental Respect

March 2005: Cooking by non Jew (cont.)

March 2005: Davening [Praying] Barefoot

March 2005: Candidate to Conversion Dating a Secular Humanist Jew

March 2005: Marriage and Masturbation

March 2005: Some Problems in the Kitchen

February 2005: Kashering Old China

February 2005: Kashrut

February 2005: Conversion

February 2005: Musical Instruments in the Synagogue

January 2005: Tahanun on Martin Luther King Day

January 2005: Conversion of Child

January 2005: Conversion- Mother was Adopted

January 2005: Secular Jews

January 2005: The Book of Enoch and Walking With God

December 2004: Gay Congregants

December 2004: Thinking About Conversion in Poland

December 2004: Being Observant with a Non-Jewish Partner

December 2004: Combined Photos

December 2004: Kashrut, Musical Instruments on Shabbat, Women and Tallit

December 2004: Is a Husband Required to Give a Get While Still Married Under Civil Law?

December 2004: Question on Babylonian Talmud Berachot 58b

December 2004: Cohen's Marriage to Convert

December 2004: Kitel

December 2004: Gay Congregants

December 2004: Conservative vs. Reform Conversion

December 2004: Philippino Contemplating a Conservative Conversion

December 2004: Abortion, Gays and Divorce

December 2004: Conversion in India

December 2004: Beards, Requirement

December 2004: Being Observant with a Non Jewish Partner

December 2004: Combined Photos

November 2004: Orthodox or Conservative Wedding

November 2004: Genealogy - Mexican/Jewish. The Answer

October 2004: Cooking by Non-Jew

October 2004: Marriage Between Jew and Non-Jew

September 2004: Yiskor

September 2004: Prayer Shawl

September 2004: Biblical Numerology

September 2004: Israeli Divorce Certificate

September 2004: Menorah

August 2004: The Concept of Agunah

August 2004: Conversion for Homosexual

August 2004: Wrong Torah From Aron

July 2004: Question Regarding Women in Halakha

July 2004: Serving Soup On Shabbat

July 2004: When a Person Dies at Home

July 2004: Guidance Needed

June 2004: Acting and Conversion

June 2004: Tzitzit, Knots

June 2004: Conversion When The Wife Does Not Want to Convert

June 2004: Conservative Versus Orthodox Conversion

June 2004: Mezuza Kissing

June 2004: Seeking A Specific Prayer

May 2004: Conversion of Hunter

April 2004: Vidui (confession before death)

April 2004: Preemptive Anti-Agunah Measures

April 2004: Bicycle Riding to the Synagogue

April 2004: Conservative Viewpoint

March 2004: Parve Food in Milk/Meat Pot

To convert or Not

"Sheasani Yisrael" Blessing

Reform or Conservative Conversion

Ben Ish Hay

Reform Converts

Conversion, Question on Jewish Status

Reform Conversion



Confused Religious Identity

Homosexuality, Conservative View


First Three Days of Shiva

Nursing Homes

Inscription on Grave


Kaddish for Parents

Kaddish Recited by a Non-Jew

Judaism on Pornography and Drinking

Mezuza Checking

Judaism on Fornication and Masturbation

Evening Prayer for Interfaith Meeting

Animal Sacrifices

Convert w/ Irish Catholic last!!


Michal Bat Shaul's Tefillin

Kore - Identification of the Bird

Hebrew - English Bible Online

Fragrant Cane in Exodus 30:23

Ner Neshama


Order of the Priests

Bible, Division Into Chapters

Biblical commentary , Genesis 9:22; Leviticus 18:6-18

"Ashrai yoshvai"

Three Measures of Flour

Laying Tefillin

Conversion of Baby

Conversion, Difficulties with Sabbath Observance

Evening Prayer for Interfaith Meeting

Fallen Torah

Conversion by Conservative



Cohen Marriage to Daughter of Convert

Cohen's Marriage to Convert or Divorcee

Laws of Family Purity

Converts to Judaism and the Birkot Hashahar Prayer

Baruch Shepetarani

Flavius Josephus (mention of Jesus)


Deleting the Name of God in the Computer

Beards, Shaving

Baby Naming

Baby Naming - Boy

Baby Naming Ceremony

Beards, Obligation

Basic Questions on Judaism


Tallit (use by non Jew)


Tallit (Meaning of the Words on the Prayer Shawl)

Using a Dishwasher for Milk and Meat

Nine Questions and Answers

Swimming in Mixed Environment

Kosher Bread

Kosher Fish

Kosher Food (basic rules)

Kosher Food (honey and seaweeds)

Kosher Wine in the Shmita Year

Consumption of Blood


Blood of Fish

Shehita and Cruelty to Animals

Thanksgiving, Jews Celebrating

Hebrew Name for Sadie

Naming Customs

Tallit (making)

Marriage Ceremonies in Israel

Treatment of Gentiles

Marriage of an Adopted Woman

Noahide Laws and Christianity

Noahide Laws

Messiah, Birthplace


Intrafaith Relations - Shabbat Ritual

Son of Father Cohen and Divorced Mother

Genealogy - Mexican/Jewish

Wedding Preparations

True Meaning of the Hebrew, For Knowledge of the True Gospel

Is a Rabbi Required to Marry?

Sunday Hanukkah Bar Mitzvah

Tallit (History of Women wearing tallit. Material of the Tzitzit)

Tallit (blessing)



Cohen's Marriage to Convert or Divorcee

Cohen Marriage to Daughter of Convert

Cohen Marrying a Woman Who's Father is not Jewish

Cousin's Marriage to a non-Jew



Josephus (spelling of the name of Jesus)

Eliyah Hanavi

Women in the Seminary

Tapes of Jewish Prayers

Driving to Synagogue on Shabbat

Driving on Shabbat


Heating Soup on Shabbat

Conservative Beliefs and Health Care

Conservative Ideology


Defining Conservative Judaism

Rebuilding of the Temple

Rebuilding of the Temple

Solomon Schechter

Struggling with Conservative Judaism: Halakhah and Practice

Sunday School

Women Reading of Torah and Aftarah

The Ideologies of Orthodox vs. Conservative Judaism


Yizkor on Yom Kippur that is on Shabbat

Yiskor Service

High Sabbaths

Blessing the Lulav

Shabbat Goy

Intrafaith Relations - Shabbat Ritual

Shabbat and Work

Telephone on Shabbat

Torah Reading

Work on the Sabbath

High Holiday Torah Portions

Meaning of "Rosh"

Kol Nidrei


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Jerusalem Campus: Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies:

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The Schechter Institutes, Inc.:

Box 3566, P.O.Box 8500, Philadelphia, PA, 19178-3566, Tel: 1-866-830-3321,

Jerusalem Campus: Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies:

4 Avraham Granot St., Jerusalem, Israel, 91160, Tel: 972-747-800-600,,

Tel Aviv Campus: Neve Schechter – Legacy Heritage Center for Jewish Culture:

42 Chelouche St., Neve Zedek, Tel: 03-5170358,,