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Women’s Tents: Jewish Women Supporting Each Other & Speaking Out 

Masorti Women in Israel and Diaspora sisters who are visiting Israel  are invited to the 18th Regional Masorti Women’s Study Days: Feb. 7 at Hanaton, Feb.20 in Kfar Saba and Feb. 25 in Beersheva. Join us for incredible learning!

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Schechter’s popular English language lecture series begins in March with a wide array of courses from Zionist thinkers to intriguing women in the Bible to contemporary ethical issues.  Come learn with us!

Jewish Life & Learning

God is in the Details

Moses and the Israelites are given a detailed blueprint on how to construct the Tabernacle in the wilderness. Dr. Paul Mandel offers an intriguing explanation for the uses of different materials in the design of the tabernacle and the special dividing curtain.

Are All Women Leaders Feminists?

February marks the 49th anniversary of Golda Meir being elected prime minster. Dr. Bat-Sheva Margalit Stern contrasts the leadership of Meir with the leadership of Ada Fishman Maimon, an advocate of feminism, one of the founders of Women Workers Movement and a member of Knesset.