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A Summer Report from Ukraine

Anya Segal, Development Director, reports back from Uzhgorod, Ukraine where she took part in an annual seminar of educators who work for Midreshet Yerushalayim, which has been supported by the Schechter Institutes since 1990.

Women’s Study Day 2017

300 Women from all over Israel gathered  for the 18th Annual Women’s Study at Schechter – cosponsored by Women’s League and the Masorti Movement. Classes were offered in Hebrew, English, Spanish and Russian- it was an amazing day!

Jewish Life & Learning

Like Hillel and Shammai, All Voices Must be Heard

The Kotel and conversion laws are controversies that divide the Jewish people. The government must debate these issues when Haredi ultra-Orthodox voices are present and when those opposing Kotel restrictions are present.

Baseless Hatred: The Kotel and Conversion Bill Controversies

The Kotel belongs to the entire Jewish people; and “Who is a Jew?” is not an Israeli issue but rather an issue facing Klal Yisrael, the collective Jewish people throughout the world.