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Does the Proposed Arad Phosphate Quarry Violate Jewish Law?

Hundreds of Haredim, secular Jews and Bedouin demonstrated at the entrance to Arad together against the plan to dig a new phosphate mine near Arad. Despite all of the opposition it was recently approved by the National Planning and Building Commission.

Can You Repent for Causing Accidental Death?

Rabbi Prof. David Golinkin suggests that the people who caused an accidental death felt tremendous remorse. Many responsa require further punishment but perhaps it is more constructive to do positive acts of teshuvah?

Jewish Life & Learning

Zionism Your Way?

What does a Zionist living in Israel learn from Zionists living in the Jewish Diaspora? Dr. Yossi Turner discusses what first led him to pursue the study of Zionism in Israel and in the Diaspora. Does the experience of being a Jewish majority versus being a Jewish minority impact Zionist ideals?

What Offerings are you Bringing to God?

Rabbi Dr. Reb Mimi Feigelson examines what sacrifices the Israelites are bringing to Tabernacle and to God. In the modern day how do we bring ourselves and the next generation into God’s presence?