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Women’s Voices Changing the Discourse: Bible to Today

Masorti Women in Israel and Diaspora sisters who are visiting Israel  are invited to the 19th Regional Masorti Women’s Study Days.

Highlights with Schechter at the event. 

My Israeli Jewish Identity, Rediscovered

The purpose of the trip was to learn about Jewish education in the Diaspora in order to broaden their perspectives on issues of Jewish identity in the State of Israel. I didn’t realize then that the choice to begin my visit specifically here would be a defining moment which would accompany me throughout the week.

Jewish Life & Learning

Courses at Schechter

Parents and Children in the Jewish Tradition: 3 Long Distance Learning Courses at Schechter

Sunday Mornings: December 16, January 27 & February 24. The next course will begin on Sunday January 27, 2019

Parashat Yitro

Rabbi Dr. Paul Shrell-Fox, Lecturer at Schechter, discusses two concepts as related in this week’s Parasha. 1. Yitro’s exceptional character; his gratitude to God and the compassion he shows to Moshe and Zipporah. 2. The voices the nation saw at Sinai: “וכל העם רואים את הקולות.”  Can one actually see a voice? Find out by watching the video.