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Beginning in October, Schechter’s weekly English lecture series in Jewish Studies is open to the general public. Taught by top lecturers in their fields, choose from five courses, everything from Judaism on love and relationships to the image of the Jew in Jewish and Christian art.

Schechter Rabbi Detained for Wedding Officiation

Rabbi Dubi Haiyun, director of Midreshet Yerushalayim and a Schechter Rabbinical graduate, was taken into custody by Israeli police in Haifa. Crime committed? Conducting a wedding according to the laws of Moses and Israel – in Israel.

Jewish Life & Learning

How did Mount Herzl Get its Name?

In August 1949, Theodore Herzl’s remains were moved from Vienna to the newly established State of Israel. Professor Doron Bar tells the story of how Jerusalem was given the honor of reinterring Herzl and how all of Israel paid tribute to the founder of Zionism.

Parshat Eikev: Does Love Keep Us From Being Alone? 

How do we overcome aloneness in the world? In Parshat Eikev the word love is used four times as we are commanded to “circumcise our hearts” and love God. Rabbi Dr. Reb Mimi Feigelson explores these different understandings of commanded love.