News & Events

Prayer Leadership Reaches a High Note

Leadership requires communication, discipline, and thoughtfulness. Prayer leadership, requires all that and then some. Meet Osnat Bensoussan, a company CEO with family roots in Morocco and a student in Ashira, the Rabbinical Seminary’s newest program.


TALI Educators Visit New York

Passover, the Festival of Freedom, celebrates liberation from bondage. This past December, Dr. Levana Libi Milon, a TALI school principal, traveled from Jerusalem to New York to experience a new type of freedom. Read more about her journey.

Jewish Life & Learning

Jewish, Muslim Performance Artists Create Rubbish Rites

Can trash be treasure?  At Neve Schechter in Tel Aviv, two performance artists, one Jewish and one Muslim, explore  rituals that reinfuse tattered books with an aura of holiness. Find out how they are bringing new life to old discarded objects.

Is There an Obligation to Kiss the Tzitzit?

There is a widespread custom to kiss one’s tzitzit three times during the recitation of the third paragraph of the Shema. What are the sources and approaches regarding these customs?