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Midrash Ruth Rabbah: A Synoptic Edition is available now

We are pleased to announce that Midrash Ruth Rabbah: A Synoptic Edition is now available online as part of the Midrash Project on the Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies website.


The Second Annual Conference on the State of Israel and the Jews of North America:”To Be a Jew in Israel and North America: Commonalities and Differences”.

The conference will be held on March 27, 2019  at The Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies. Free Admission, registration Required.

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Are Jews Still Commanded to Blot Out the Memory of Amalek?

In our day, this is perhaps the most important message of the Amalek story — not hatred of Amalek but an aversion to their actions.

Back to Reality with Parashat Vayikra

This week we begin the book of  Vayikra, Leviticus, that deals with the sacrifices that individuals may bring to the Temple. Dr. Tamar Kadari, Dean of the Schechter Institute, grounds the often inaccessible stories of sacrifice in reality.  She tells an insightful story of when King Agrippa demanded to have exclusive rights to bring sacrifices to God at the Temple.